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Presenting your best self

*COMING SOON – 2  day workshop in London March 1st-2nd 2022, click here  *

by Rose McDonald

Presentation skills is a soft skill we do not always think about in our learning and development journey. How often do you find yourself in front of colleagues at a team meeting talking through Management Information (MI) figures and reports or perhaps in a client review, proposal or project meeting or even pitching or tendering for business? Some form of presenting is now common at almost every level in every business.

Does the thought of presenting fear you with dread? Do you find yourself believing you can’t do it and comparing yourselves to others that you look up to? Perhaps you believe you are a confident presenter, but something is lacking in the delivery and you’re struggling to communicate your message?

Are any of us born a ‘great presenter’? The answer is no! We can all learn the skills needed. If we think about it, a presentation is another form of communication and what we’re aiming to achieve is that what we’re trying to say or communicate is easy and relevant for the audience to understand to help them make informed decisions.

As I’ve already said, presentation skills can be learnt and the real key is in the preparation. Being prepared takes away any fear and gives you the confidence to communicate your message. The more you practice and get experience and success under your belt, will help you develop your self-confidence and fine tune your delivery and the content and your personality will shine through. Be natural, authentic and believe in yourself.

If you feel you’d like to gain in confidence or improve in your communication and presentation delivery, then join Julia and Rose on March 1st and 2nd 2022 at BMA House in Central London.

For more information or to book please follow this link.

During the two days they will will take you through:

  • The role of a great presenter (qualities, style and gestures, authenticity, personality, voice and projection, tone, words, body language etc)
  • Researching and understanding your human audience (buyer and personality types, appealing to different audiences, empathy)
  • Setting objectives and desired outcomes (presentation aims and goals)
  • The structure of an engaging presentation (vocally and visually, online and face to face, use of PowerPoint slides)
  • Preparation, planning and rehearsal
  • On day 2 you will have time to write, prepare, practice and deliver a presentation to your workshop colleagues

There will be a maximum of 8 delegates on this workshop so that you are able to receive individual attention and the environment will be supportive, friendly and open.

Prior to the session taking place, we will send you an online survey to fully understand your individual needs, personal blocks, and skills gap so that we tailor the session accordingly.


To find out more and to make your booking please follow this link