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Our Coronavirus Statement

The Coronavirus has hit the hospitality industry hard. Hotels and venues have been working hard towards coming out of lockdown, and many are now open. New ways of working with infection control, social distancing and safe ways of working are a key focus for business owners to support their teams and guests. To help with these changes, we have developed an out of lockdown thinking tool to plan and prepare for the future. We offer suggestions in safe working practice, compliance, operations, sales, revenue, and marketing strategies.

Understandably, when lockdown began, most of our clients decided to suspend face-to-face workshops whilst they furloughed their teams or were perhaps working with a skeleton team of people to keep things ticking over and created new ways of generating revenue streams.  With the current and future need to offer more online, engaging, educational development for individuals and teams, we have accelerated our intention to offer an online learning solution to be ready to go now. We have adapted our way of working to help you motivate, educate, and engage your teams ready for out of lockdown and beyond. This is managed via a central point through our new learning management system SmartHub, where team members will have access to their ‘own space’ to login, access all training units and gamification.

The SmartHub enables your teams to receive ‘sticky training’ in bite size chunks through live online learning (virtually face to face), webinars, videos, games/activities and discussion groups with individual measurement, encouragement, and support throughout their learning journey. SmartHub offers the ability for Business Owners & Managers, Heads of Department and HR Managers to offer flexible learning for their teams which fits around business needs as your team members have the ability  to access training on desktops or mobile morning, day or night.  This builds consistent standards and a team with a common aim and vision; motivated and confident to exceed at every point of the Guest Journey.

If you need a helping hand or guidance with compliance, safe ways of working, engaging and training your teams now and in the future, or perhaps just to have a chat and reassurance with ideas you may already have,  we are here to support you, as we are all in this together.