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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do


How effective are your team members in their day to day roles? How is time spent generating sales and ensuring revenue capture?

The support we provide is flexible. It can be based in-house with a full health check, or in the form of a conference call or virtual meeting room. The choice is yours.


This involves spending time with you and your team, understanding your overall service and sales strategy, completing a gap analysis and agreeing an action plan.

What We Do
  • Management Support & Development

    For a greater level of support and integration of best practice, we can arrange regular reviews to develop the following areas …

  • Rooms and Meetings & Events

    • Managing your inventory – taking care of your distribution and providing strategic planning.
    • Management Information – ensuring it is consistent, accurate and relevant
    • Data Analysis – historical, current and forecast information; from your own venue, your competitors and marketplace
    • Set Strategy – review and agree your Selling Strategy, Letting Policy and Rates Structure
    • Review and Update – introduce key management meetings focused on Reviewing Strategy and agreeing Sales Action Plans
  • Front of House

    • Guest Service – reviewing current or creating new Standards of Excellence (SOEs) for each stage of “The Guest Journey” to ensure a consistent guest-focused environment exists
    • Revenue Capture – ensuring systems and procedures for revenue capture are consistently delivered and your operation is profitable
    • SOPs/Manuals – review, design and implement engaging the team to meet company standards
    • PMS– Support and training on systems and procedures, development of management information reporting (we are specialists in Guestline’s RezLynx, Opera and KX)
  • Food & Beverage

    • Guest Service – review the guest journey, introduce and enhance skills to exceed guest expectations
    • Upselling – introduce subtle and effective skills to increase food and beverage sales
    • SOPs/Manuals – review, design and implement engaging the team to meet company standards
    • Communication – assess the current communication avenues. Agree and implement strategy to improve effectiveness
    • Product Information – ensuring it is up to date and communicated effectively
  • Management Development

    You may need help re-focusing the team on what’s important in your business; this is an opportunity to engage and inspire your managers to review their roles, aims and objectives. We will look at the business culture, vision and values, and challenge the team on how these can come to life in your business on a day to day basis.

    We can tailor the support we provide to your specific requirements offering anything from;

    • One on One Coaching
    • Facilitation Days
    • Workshops
    • Training Courses
    • Team Building
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Management Development Programmes

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