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Conquering adversity – how the Falcon Hotel has been making the most of the last six stop-start months

by Jo Woods

Having opened as a brand new country retreat in October 2020, it would have been easy for the management team at The Falcon Hotel to sit back and feel somewhat aggrieved at the turn of events over the past six months.


The turbulence of COVID restrictions were undoubtedly not in their opening business planning, but having dedicated the time and energy to handpick a dedicated team in all areas of hotel operations, they were keen to retain and nurture the newly recruited workforce in the downtime of furlough.


Working with us, the Falcon were committed to invest in bespoke training across all areas of the business. Team members have been engaged and embarking on different training modules through a SmartHub created especially for them. This has enabled all team members to access remotely numerous bespoke training modules and pursue learning and development at their own pace whilst on furlough.


Their learning journey has covered hotel induction, product knowledge, Best Practices and delivering hospitality in the “New Normal”. Individual learning was then consolidated in a couple of hosted Live Online Learning (LOL) sessions which Jo and Sarah ran, enabling the teams to learn more about delivering the “Falcon Feeling” to their guests.



We love the look of this slide which was created from assignments all team members completed in advance of the LOL, in which they were asked to define and communicate what the “Falcon Feeling” means to them!


Having gone through the individual learning modules on the SmartHub, and then completed the LOL training, the Falcon team are now feeling prepared, motivated and really looking forward to welcoming guests back to the hotel.