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Case Study: Priory Healthcare in Partnership with The Smart Training Company

The Client Journey

Learning & Development Programme


The primary aim of this programme was to deliver Customer Service Training at each stage of the client journey, underpinned by Priory’s guiding principle: ‘Live your life’

This bespoke programme was developed through an iterative and a developmental process, with extensive fact-finding to develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s needs and culture. Consultation, feedback, and programme reviews throughout enabled continuous improvement and alignment with the needs and aspirations of the organisation.

Programme Objectives

The programme was delivered by bringing four cohorts together for Live Online Learning sessions (LOLs) and an interactive and engaging workshop for a fifth cohort that involved collaborative activities, discussion, and practical exercises. The image below demonstrates the Learning Journey:

Sticky Learning Journey Results

Post Programme Survey

Post Programme Feedback

Your endless enthusiasm and energy was terrific and was much discussed internally 🙂 We loved your approach to work and commitment to get everything out of the project”

Matt Rowlands, Director of Marketing

“I really enjoyed working with Rose and Jo. I thought they built up a rapport with the attendees very quickly and I found that all cohorts were really engaged”

David Arragon, Private Enquiries Team Leader

You quickly developed an understanding of our services and insight into what we were seeking to achieve”

  Victoria Colloby, Director of Wellbeing Strategy & Services