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Case study: MFRS working in Partnership with the Smart Training Company

Purpose of Leadership Message Workshop

To support the embedding of Merseyside Fire and Rescue’s Leadership Message using the language of colour


The objective was to embed the MFRS Leadership Message which demonstrated the Vision, Values, Purpose, aims and behaviours of the organisation.

There were several key objectives that needed to be achieved, along with the delivery of Clarity4D training. This enabled the team to build a greater understanding of themselves and each other, plus enhance the way they work as a team and better serve the communities of Merseyside. Individual colour profile reports helped with self-awareness, allowing them to identify their strengths and hidden potential.

This was all achieved by bringing the team together for an interactive and engaging day that involved lots of hands-on activities, discussion and tasks. The workshop resulted in an enlightening experience for all and reinforced the key Service Drivers and Values (see wheel below).

Unique Bespoke Clarity4D Profile

A unique ”MFRS” Clarity4D Profile report was designed specifically for these workshops based on the Public Sector Profile.

This profile is also used extensively by other fire services (Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue) as well as Police forces across the UK (Merseyside Police and the Metropolitan Police) .

We personalised the report to include the MFRS Leadership Message:


  • 25 workshops over 3 months
  • Training embedded into people processes
  • Self awareness, communication skills and personal development gained
  • New knowledge taken away

Post Attendance Feedback Survey

Feedback and delegate comments

“Enjoyed the day a lot, was really insightful to find out more about each other and also about ourselves. Personally, I understand my own team so much more and I’ve met people from MFRS who I’ve only ever spoken to on the phone”

“I really enjoyed my session, finding out more about myself and others. Kerry, Vanessa and Sarah – Great job!”

“I was quite unsure before the day as to what it would bring…Honestly, I loved it!! The energy, the message and the learning. Well done!”